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BFD has a deep and broad knowledge of Yemeni society, especially within the humanitarian, social, and economic context, as well as first-hand experience of the needs of local communities in different areas of intervention.

The beginning of BFD can be traced to a group of experts back at 2009, voluntarily looking for a common ground, sharing their expertise in public health, concerns, and values to be able to lift part of the burden placed on their communities. With the limited resources available their goal was to find ways to deliver all available knowledge and capabilities and harness all their efforts for the sake of their society and eventually, they found their way to advocacy campaigns, which led to establish the mission and vision of the Association for the Consumer Protection in Amran Governorate. The aim of this association was to implement activities related to supporting communities and defending their rights. The youth of the association took the initiative to implement many purposeful activities in coordination with the founders of the association which have shown effectiveness in the implementation.

In the midst of this, the founders though of transferring the work through a civil society entity that ensures more flexibility and diversity in providing development and relief activities was a vision that must be achieved, especially after the deteriorating situation of the people who face the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Therefore, out of a sense of responsibility, the foundation with its motivated youth cadre participated in working with many programs, projects and activities supported by the United Nation Agencies and international organizations. With a high level of determination, quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency in implementing the activities, and in the beginning of 2014, the dream became true. The first steps towards establishing civil society organization began; that is, Building Foundation for Development (BFD). Based on the founders’ experiences gained, voluntary and self-initiative efforts, projects implementation through BFD begun.

Building Foundation for Development (BFD) is a Yemeni national non-profit and non-governmental organization that was established by those group of experts who have already gained their considerable experience in or with UN, INGOs, and NGOs in multi-sectorial programs, and who have also realized the crucial gaps between providing aids and the need for building the resilience of communities.

As a result of the exacerbation of the conflict that occurred in 2015, the humanitarian situation in Yemen has deteriorated and it was considered to be the worst humanitarian disaster in the world according to the classification of the United Nations. BFD had no choice but to be officially established and register in 2015 to cope with the deterioration of the situation and be able to scale their assistance in accordance with the scale of the needs. Maintaining the level of determination, quality, effectiveness and transparency BFD was able to participate and collaborate with most humanitarian agencies present in Yemen. Through which BFD capacity has been built step by step dynamically, as a fast-growing NGO that works with most of the key actors in the humanitarian fields and building several partners’ capacity.

By virtue of the founders’ specialization in Health and Nutrition, and a display of great access and coordination abilities, along with collective years of experience in the field BFD was granted the implementation of two projects that were funded by UNICEF in Amran and Marib Governorates. Since then, BFD has been closely working with partners, participating in many meetings related to the clusters of the humanitarian sectors. Therefore, the membership of BFD has been approved by four different clusters, specifically; Nutrition, Health, WASH and Protection.

Going further into the growth of BFD initiatives and presence, BFD has widened its domains in a parallel and innovative manner by;

First carrying out multi-sectoral emergency responses projects aimed to improve the humanitarian issues and needs in different Nutrition, Health, WASH, Education, Shelter/NFI, CCCM, Protection, Food Security & Livelihoods, and EECR Sectors. Which BFD is now part of their cluster working groups both at the national and subnational levels, coordinating all its efforts in the activities being implemented across more than 18 governorates of Yemen. This expansion in expertise and presence in Yemen was through the continuous efforts BFD does in building its cadre capacity and through the trust gained by partnerships established both at the national and global level.

Second by providing developmental empowerment support to the affected communities from the crisis and developing the capacity of Local actors.

We believe at BFD that the best solutions to support the people in crisis and conflicts should be by a quick and sustainable transformation from rapid response to resilience method, as this approach within humanitarian operations is crucial to support the community efforts to recover, rise again, and utilize their capacity, starting from making peace in innovative measures at the first stages, ending by early recovery and rehabilitation at later stages.

BFD also believes in collective action and hence always seeks to establish partnerships, based on mutual respect and shared vision, with NGOs, the private sector, governmental offices, and international institutions. Since its establishment, BFD has been keen to align its development response to the strategic development objective goals (SDGs) and its programmatic Strategic to support and promote relevant National Development Strategies (NDS) and the UN- MDGs; as they are parallel to the needs within society. Furthermore, through the participation of local communities, BFD increases the effectiveness of its development efforts and helps communities achieve their highest potential, a goal that can only be achieved through partnerships, shared, vision and collective action of all stakeholders.

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