Building Foundation for Development


External Regulation

Building Foundation for Development was established in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Associations and Yemeni NGOs No. 1 of 2001 and its executive regulations No. 129 of 2004 AD.

BFD also undergoes an annual external audit conducted by the national leading audit firms and accredited, At the same time, all the BFD’s projects are undergoing external audits by external auditors set on by the various donors.


Internal Regulation

BFD’s fundamental external and internal work environment is underpinned by a set of




Procedures and SOPs

Board of Directors

adopted by the Board of Directors that provide guidance in all pertinent matters and define a clear, ethical, and lawful course of action for any situation affecting directly or indirectly the work of the organization. The Board of Directors oversees the independent and specialized committees in risk management, compliance, and audit with clear roles and responsibilities taking into consideration principles of governance.

The Board undergoes an annual self-evaluation process as stipulated by the BFD’s Board of Directors’ Self Evaluation Policy and Self-Compensation Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy.

Risk Management

BFD worked to develop a risk management system that is specifically adapted to identify, anticipate and mitigate any risks that may arise before, during, and after the delivery of aid.


Because we recognize the risk that funds can be misused, BFD has worked to enhance the compliance approach and policy through many measures, whether related to the preparation of policies and SOPs, BFD has established a concerned committee to identify all types of risks related to laundering of money. At the same time, BFD also seeks to involve specialized external companies that will enable us to quickly and effectively identify and isolate individuals and institutions that can pose a potential risk of money laundering or terrorist financing, as well as to identify risks related to that.


One of the main objectives of audit is enhancing internal control through a specialized committee, department, and policy. An internal audit report is submitted to the board according to the audit policy.

Executive Management

The Executive director manages the day-to-day activities of the organization with the support of a team of Board Directors. Where the current team includes the Operating Manager, Programs Manager, and Program Department Managers.


BFD external and internal work environments are underpinned by a set of many policies and procedures that provide guidance in all pertinent matters and define a clear, ethical, and lawful course of action for any situation affecting directly or indirectly the work of the organization.

The purpose of the conflict of interest policy is to protect BFD the best interest when entering into any transaction, arrangement, or decision where personal competing interests can potentially influence the thereof arrangement or decision.

BFD often contending with ever-increasing and intensified risks to its personnel, operations, and organization. The purpose of the risk management policy is to provide an organization-wide risk management framework to identify and anticipate potential risks and mitigate their impact.

The security and safety policy provides the guidance to protect staff from security and safety risks and to safeguard BFD’s resources and funds, as well as property, in all our field offices where the organization undertakes development programs and responds to emergency crises.

The child protection policy is a cornerstone in providing a safe enabling environment for children and young adults in our programs and projects. The policy unlocks rigorous child protection protocols and mechanisms for reporting incidents, preventing abuse, and safeguarding the child’s dignity in all communication materials related to fund-raising, campaigning, or policy.

It is designed to protect BFD from fraud and other financial criminal activities. It highlights some of the risks to which BFD can be vulnerable and provides some practical steps that you can take to reduce and manage these risks.

This policy aims to provide a supportive process that encourages and enables employees or workers to raise concerns about misconduct within BFD without repercussion and will give them confidence that their concerns will be properly investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

To ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities for identifying exposures to fraudulent activities and for establishing controls and procedures for preventing such fraudulent activity and/or detecting such fraudulent activity when it occurs, and to provide guidance to staff/volunteers/contractors as to action which should be taken where they suspect any fraudulent activity and to provide a clear statement to staff/volunteers/contractors forbidding any illegal activity, including fraud for the benefit of the organization and to provide assurance that any and all suspected fraudulent activity will be fully investigated.

Building Foundation for development (BFD) commits itself to create and maintain an environment that promotes its core values and also strongly condemns all kinds of abuse and sexual exploitation, especially towards its beneficiaries and our workers in 21 sub-offices.

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