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BFD is committed to being accountable to our stakeholders, notable people living in poverty. An important part of this commitment is ensuring that we share information transparently or, where we are unable to satisfy an information request, we provide a reasonable justification why we are not able to provide information.

You may contact us using the contact details below. Please take note of the following guidance, where you may find the answer to your questions before you get in touch.

Job inquiries

We cannot accept unsolicited job or internship applications, and we will therefore not reply to such applications. For work opportunities, we advise you to regularly check our employment page.

Volunteering inquiries

We cannot accept unsolicited Volunteering or internship applications, and we will therefore not reply to such applications. For work volunteers opportunities, we advise you to regularly check our volunteering page.


At BFD, we take your feedback seriously and are dedicated to continuous improvement. If you have a complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us. For general complaints, kindly email For issues of an ethical nature, we have a dedicated process to ensure they are handled with the utmost confidentiality and integrity. Please send such concerns directly to, which are forwarded to the Executive Director for personal review. We also provide a toll-free hotline at (8006565) for immediate assistance. Rest assured, every complaint is treated with the seriousness it deserves, and we are committed to a transparent and fair resolution process.

Report Abuse and Harassment: We know people are sometimes reluctant to report abuse or harassment. We are committed to creating a working environment at BFD where people feel safe to come forward with claims of sexual harassment or any form of abuse. We take reports extremely seriously and protect witnesses as well as victims. Reprisals against people for reporting are a breach of our code of conduct. Visit the Ethics line by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about BFD organization

Building Foundation for Development (BFD) is a Yemeni national non-profit and non-governmental organization. BFD always aims to mitigate the suffering of communities affected by wars and disasters by working nationwide at different levels to promote equitable and sustainable development, humanitarian response, and other relevant interventions for a better life and wellbeing of communities and individuals.

Ensuring that all people in Yemen have equal access to basic needs and rights. Contribute to alleviate the damages resulting from disasters and conflicts

Contribute to attaining sustainable humanitarian-development goals, alleviate poverty, and improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable by ensuring that every person in Yemen has access to life’s most basic needs.

Efficiency, Effectiveness, Accountability, Independence, Impartiality, Innovative & Humanities, Integrity, Volunteerism, Sustainability, Neutrality.

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