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Children fall sick due to malnutrition

Malnutrition can lead to a weakened immune system meaning children are more vulnerable to diseases.

The twin little sisters, Zahra and Zainab with the age of 11 months old living in Al Mamar village of Hufash district – Al Mahwit governorate, are contracting moderate acute malnutrition.  They were born sick and as time went by their condition continued deteriorating day after day in front of their mother’s eyes (Nabila,35) and she could not do anything for them. Their parents could not afford to treat the little baby girls in hospitals as they do not have enough money to even cover the basic needs of food. Their father works as a laborer with an unstable income source. Their parents also were unaware of the basic requirements of bringing up a baby child nutrition and hygiene. One day as one of the CHVs was doing house-to-house visits to inform the vulnerable groups of people to attend the TSFP program. They immediately referred them to the TSFP fixed site (Bait Al Shama’a health facility) to strengthen the children’s health. Nabila was very happy that she got someone who helped her daughters. They were admitted according to anthropometric measurement to the TSFP program with MUAC (12.0 cm for Zahra & 11.8 cm for Zainab). They stayed for about three months in the program receiving RUTF nutrition. The baby girls were discharged with MUAC (13.0 cm for Zahra & 12.8 cm for Zainab).

“I am forever grateful for the existence of such services to help our children. I never thought my daughters would be healthy again soon,” Says Mother Nabila happily.

Meanwhile, their parents were also educated regarding the health and hygiene best practices. They did not only appreciate the efforts and support but also took an oath to practice all the provided instructions for the well-being of their children.

The recovered girls are out of dozens of children who are now enjoying healthy childhoods to the lifesaving care provided by BFD and funded by WFP in the most affected areas.

“We will continue to work without stopping, for all those little children of Malnutrition.” BFD, s Executive Director said.

A 11-month girl, Zainab, during admission to TSFP program
Hufash district – Al Mahwit governorate
A 11-month girl, Zahra, during admission to TSFP program
Hufash district – Al Mahwit governorate
Zahra, while discharging from TSFP program 
Stayed for 3-months under treatment
Zainab, while discharging from TSFP program 
Stayed for3 –months under treatment
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