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Helping Children in Yemen to Learn and Grow

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How BFD Helped Namran and Other Children in Yemen Continue Their Education

The Key to a Brighter Future for Yemeni Children

Helping Children in Yemen to Learn and Grow

Namran is a 12-year-old boy who lives in Yemen, a country torn by war and violence. He had to leave his home and his school because of the conflict. He lost his friends and his interest in learning. He had no access to quality education or a safe learning environment. He was one of many children who faced the risk of losing their future.

BFD, a humanitarian organization, proposed a project to help children like Namran continue their education. The project was supported by ECW through NRC, and aimed to reduce the number of out-of-school children in Yemen. BFD improved the learning environment by rehabilitating Al Farooq School, where Namran was enrolled. They built additional classrooms and separate latrines, especially for disabled persons. They also equipped the school with chairs and whiteboards, and provided students with school bags. Moreover, they offered psychosocial support, life skills, and referral activities to the students.

“Before BFD helped us, I dropped out of school for two years. I didn’t have any friends or motivation to study. Now I love learning and being at school,” Namran said.

BFD not only brought smiles to the faces of the students, but also gave them hope and guidance for a bright future. Namran is now an active student who has a strong desire to learn. He dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer someday.

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