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New Hope Success Story (RH Project - Marib Governorate)

“I started pregnancy the next year after I had my first period (menses). Since then, I got pregnant 13 times between lost and alive babies; however, this is the first time for me to hear about family planning!” In her own words, she said.

False Life Conception

KA thirty-five-year-old, from Nihm district, the north part of Sana`a Governorate, Yemen, should have lived her life as a kid a score and nearly two years ago, yet she got married and became pregnant right after her first period (menses). Before Mrs. KA had recognized, she is no more a child or had understood the bloody flow and pain she had felt or seen for the first time; she became a child bride. Her parents thought they provided her with a safe and secured life; however, they were committing a horrible crime against their baby girl; they had just buried her a life. The white dress she was wearing was not a wedding gown; it was a coffin that covered the innocent living teen girl.

A Horrible Life

The child bride started her new life carrying a baby in her guts. It was not easy for a child to take care of a child. Despite that, she was getting new babies while years were passing. She had gotten pregnant 13 times. Some of the 13 pregnancies were unwanted pregnancies. After a long blue sigh, with a pale voice, she said, “I wish someone has told me of the possibility of not getting pregnant when I don’t want to.” “I wish someone has told me of the possibility of not getting pregnant when I don’t want to.”

The Displacement

When the conflict in Yemen began seven years ago, Nihm became an erupted frontline, where only the language of death was and still is dominating, where the missiles and blasts keep harvesting peoples` lives. KA`s husband had chosen to depart with his big family to Al Swaida`a Camp-Ma`rib governorate, looking for a quiet life away from the terrifying sounds of the ongoing blasts that have implemented fear amongst the little kids. In the camp, KA got pregnant again right after completing her postpartum period. KA suffered a hard life in the displacement; she struggled to breastfeed her infant and enduring the pregnancy pain and hardships. She had to have a well to survive. She yarns to the old days when she was in her hometown, surrounded by the warmth of her family and beloveds. Furthermore, she Yarned to be a child once more. “An unwanted pregnancy, camp’s life, slowly make anyone`s hopeful heartbeats beatless.”


When agony and labor contractions began to hit down the striving woman, she visited a safe space in the campsite supported by UNFPA. “The Medical Mobile Team have helped me in the camp; then, they have referred me to the hospital when they have found out about my critical condition.” She said.

She got essential medical care and was referred directly to a BFD`s supported HFs based on the UNFPA fund. KA arrived at As Shaheed Mohammed Hail Hospital, which serves around 769958 people (140476IDPs and 629482 Host communities) in her third trimester. The RH team at the hospital conducted clinical examinations and has found that she is about to put her baby. Also, they have known that she is in labor and had a previous cesarean section 10 months ago. Then, Dr. Lina, the Gynecology & Obstetric specialist, has decided to give her cortisone injections to develop the infant’s lungs. Then conducted an urgent lifesaving C-Section. An adorable baby girl has got into life, wiping away the pain and the mountainous gloom, and has reactivated her mother’s hopeful heartbeats.

New Lifestyle

After checking both health conditions, the mother was admitted to the patient’s room department, holding her new hope in her hands. When BFD`s RH team at the hospital started educating the mother and her husband to start using the family planning method, surprisingly, she expressed that this is the first time to hear about FP; moreover, she wished somebody would tell her the possibility of not getting pregnant when she does not want to. Dr. Lina.

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