Building Foundation for Development

An Elderly Man Struggles for Survival

Wusab Al Ali District-Dhamar Gov.

Sinan Ahmed Abbas, a 51-year-old man, accustomed to live well with his 17 family members in Qaeda Bani Masoud Sub-district before the conflict started. He worked as a shepherd, in which he tended and reared livestock of other people to gain money. However, when owners’ livestock began selling their own ones due to the cut of salaries, Sinan’s situation started to deteriorate gradually. Not only did he suffer alone in his life, but also his 17 family members endured the same pain, in which getting victuals was his only dream to make his family happy and satisfied.

To assist those in need including Sinan and his family, Building Foundation for Development (BFD), funded by the World Food Program (WFP), has been a crucial move forward in taking steps to alleviate hunger in all its aspects and dimensions and ensure that people in dire need will achieve their potential in a stable atmosphere of respect and equality within the food assistance for assets project (FFA).

Now, Sinan is one of the beneficiaries who works for the FFA project. It became easy for him to cover his family’s needs and provide them with the necessary goods (Food Rations). “After the intervention of BFD, the situation has become better than before, and I hope that BFD continues to implement new projects to benefit our district with its residents”, Sinan said. “Thank you, WFP and BFD, for all that you did to make me improve my economic and financial condition”, he added.

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