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“Over 5 years of a brutal war in Yemen has left the education sector in crisis. Nearly two-thirds of teachers in public schools haven’t been paid their salaries in over 50 months putting the education of over 4 million children on the line.”[1] Yet, hope was glimmering in Ibrahim Maqrni’s eyes, the principal of Al Wifaq School; the one who dedicated himself to teaching the IDP and most vulnerable students in most prioritized IDPs’ Hosting Site in Alluheyah District – Al Hudaydah Gov.

Ibrahim Maqrni, the 42-year-old public school principal and teacher is a father of six children. “Teaching is the only reason why I get out of bed in the morning, my only inspiration for my country and the IDP students of Alluheyah District. Working under these circumstances, with no classrooms, furniture, and educational materials makes me depressed at times. Furthermore, as the temperature rises in the summer, many students miss their school, and the handful who remains become ill as a result of sitting on the ground all day in those hovels.” Mr. Maqrni explains.

Despite all the difficulties, some of the teachers kept teaching in most prioritized IDP Hosting Sites in Alluheyah District, aiming to give the children a chance for a better future. During that tough time, Al-Wifaq School teachers have shown great leadership and creativity in ensuring that Education Never Stops, that no learner is left behind, especially the IDP ones. They have worked alone and together to find solutions and build new learning opportunities for their pupils in some hovels to keep education going.

From this perspective, Building Foundation for Development (BFD), and its partner the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), funded by Education Cannot Wait (ECW) were able to support those teachers, as well as students, by improving access and quality of education, particularly through providing incentives to the teachers who have not received salaries, supplying teachers’ kits, constructing classrooms, rehabilitating schools, and establishing temporary learning spaces, as well as WaSH facilities.

“We dreamt to have a school with chairs, shade, and partitions. Currently, I am overjoyed that my dream has become true, we did not expect that we would have a school under these circumstances, this is the real benefit and the biggest wish in our life.” Ibrahim expresses.

Not only did BFD and its partner the NRC target Al-Wifaq School, but they also targeted 6 other schools in the two districts. Hence, 4,200 from the IDP and host community students, as well as education staff in Al Qanawis and Alluheyah Districts, got the real benefit from that intervention.



01 Building Foundation for Development International I منظمة بناء للتنمية
02 1 Building Foundation for Development International I منظمة بناء للتنمية
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